Date of completion
January 2023
What has been done
Naming, logotype, branding, packaging, website
name & logo
01 – About Project
Safi Vegan guarantees the enjoyment of bright and natural flavors with benefits for the body and without harm to nature. Experiment to your heart's content and treat family or friends
02 – About Project
Details on the packaging
The brand and details are in Arabic on the front side and duplicated in English on the back side
Quality claim
background color sets the packaging color coding and indicates a flavor
Cap color
sets color coding for packaging of a plant-based milk brand
03 – About Project
Safi means Super Active Fresh Ingredients, and this key message is in the heart of vegatable milk production.

Subline Vegan has been added to the main brand as letters with grain effect of the inscription and leaves above the logo which indicate the vegetable pattern and product composition.

And together these fonts form an excellent balance of hardness and softness. People have been striving for such a balance since time immemorial
Safi Juice. Fresh drink everday for adults and kids
Mototouareg. Exciting bike routes in Turkey
Safi Milk. Dairy you love
Modern and convenient apartment search service