Date of completion
September 2022
What has been done
Naming, logotype, branding, packaging, website
name & logo
01 – About Project
We adhere to our holistic "Better by nature" approach. Based on our nature, production and science approach, and being inspired by breast milk, we created a product range providing babies with the nourishment they need to grow and develop
02 – About Project
Details on the packaging
The brand and details are in Arabic on the front side and duplicated in English on the back side
Quality claim
background color sets the packaging color coding
Cap color
sets the packaging color coding and indicates juice flavor
03 – About Project
Structure and design
Designing a multi-page website for desktop and mobile versions, taking into account stylistics and design trends
Writing a unique text that will resonate in the hearts of customers and catch on from the first words, reflecting the essence
Layout and adaptation
Desktop and mobile layout on the Tilda platform with subsequent animation and SEO development
Safi Vegan. A source of benefit
Hotelline: all inclusiveend-to-endbusiness partner
Taboo Of The Seas. Luxury yacht
Dermalys Skincare products
New project on the horizon?
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