Primalac PRE

Premature and low birth weight
Primalac Premium PREMATURE is formulated for the dietary management of premature and/or low birth weight (dysmature) infants. This product should be used under medical supervision.

Casein/Whey = 20/80
Hydrolyzed protein
Lactose content reduced by 50%
•Better digestibility
•High amino acids intake
•Prevention of CMPA
•Facilitated peptides Absorption
•Adapted to intestinal immaturity

Enrichied with :
High DHA rate (0.47% of total FA)
Prebiotics (100% GOS)
5 Types of nucleotides
•Optimal neurosensory and intellectual development
•Reduce necrotizing enterocolitis risk
•Regulate intestinal transit
•Stimulate growth
•Strengthen the immune system